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Seasonal Business Phone Numbers

Some businesses only do business during certain times of the year. Usually these businesses are very busy during holidays: Fireworks for Independence Day in July (US); Pumpkins for Halloween in October; Christmas Trees and Wreaths for Christmas in December. You don't want to pay a lot to keep your phone number active when your business is not. Port your business phone number to Tossable Digits and make it a Virtual Number. Forward calls to your cell or mobile phone while you are out helping customers, customize your Voicemail greeting and hours, and have a professional message with no voicemail when your business is dormant.

Seasonal Vacation Home Phone Numbers

As of 2000, more than 3% of homes in the US were Seasonal, Vacation or Second Homes. If each of those paid $15/month for phone service in that second home, that's a staggering $644,169,240 each year! Think of how much could be saved! You can switch Subscription Plans, both to a higher or lower plan, at any time without penalty. Move to a higher plan during your visits, and move it back down when you leave. Start saving money on your phone service at your second home!

Virtual Numbers on Vacation

Some people don't vacation at the same place each year, but they do take extended vacations. Sometimes domestically, sometimes internationally. You can pick up a local number in the place you are going to vacation to make it cheap and easy to have the locals give you a call, as well as allowing you to place a local call to your Virtual Number and call anywhere in the world at low rates using our Outdial service! When you return, you can disconnect the number. Keep it for a few days or a few months, there is no committment.