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Outdial: Return Calls with Virtual Number as CallerID

What good is a Virtual Number if it isn't truly two-way? Make calls to anyone from any phone using your Virtual Number as the CallerID to hide your real phone number using our Outdial feature. Every Virtual Number in your account can be used to make Outdial calls at any time.

If you have Call Recording enabled on the Virtual Number used for the Outdial call, those calls will be recorded!

Outdial Calls are billed based on the Highest Cost leg of the call, either the Call Back Number or the Call To Number. Minute Credits are used for Outdial Calls, if available.

Outdial from the Web

To make an Outdial call from our website:

1. Log into your Account
2. Go to the Outdial link (top right side of the page)
3. Enter YOUR phone number (where we can call you)
4. Select the Virtual Number you'd like as CallerID
5. Enter the phone number you want to call
6. Submit!

We'll call you, and when you answer, we'll call the person you want to reach and connect the two calls. When you answer, you'll hear a second or so of silence before you start to hear ringing.

To avoid being billed for incomplete calls, check the “Human Check” option. If you do not use this option, and the call goes to their Voicemail, we consider the call ANSWERED and we DO bill the call. 
Enable HumanCheck to avoid being billed if voicemail answers the Outdial calls.

Tossable Digits Support: Outdial Feature

Outdial from any Phone
To use Outdial with your phone, you need to enable Outdial on a per Virtual Number basis. To enable Outdial:

1. Log into your account
2. Go to the Virtual Number or the "Configuration" button (gears) next to the number
3. Scroll down to Outdial
4. Switch the On/Off selector from Off to On
5. Hit Save

Using the phone that your Virtual Number is forwarded to
Dial your Virtual Number. The system will detect that you are, in effect, calling yourself, and put you into our Voicemail system. When prompted, press 9 to access Outdial. If you call from your forwarding phone but block CallerID, or CallerID does not show up as your Forwarding number, this process will not succeed. If this does not succeed, see the "From a different phone" item below.

For the below methods, you must have a Passcode set in your Profile.

From a different phone with Voicemail enabled
Dial your Virtual Number. When you hear your voicemail greeting, press # and you'll be asked for your Passcode. When prompted, press 9 to access Outdial. This method only works if you have Voicemail enabled.

From a different phone
Dial our Access Number, +1 316 416 7000, and enter your Virtual Number, including Country Code, and press pound (#). You'll be prompted for your Passcode, after which you can access Outdial.