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Teacher Communication with Parents: How Schools are Using Tossable Digits to Protect Privacy

Teacher Communication with Parents: Protected

We’re all stuck at home, and many schools are bravely forging ahead with distance learning. Teacher communication with parents and students is vital for educational success in our new paradigm. Not everyone is ready...

Giving Back to Teachers with a Virtual Phone Number - Feature

Giving Back to Teachers with a Virtual Phone Number

Teachers are the foundation of our educational system. They start with the basics: Science, Math, History, Language. But their lessons go far beyond that. They influence how our children work together and resolve conflicts....

Happy Valentine's Day! - Feature

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day! So here’s 14 Valentine’s Day Ideas we stole from the Internet for your amusement! Ok, we made up a few of them out of thin air. since we are that romantic...