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Tossable Digits Press Testimonials

“If you want to keep your precious number, Tossable Digits is your savior.” Drive On The Left
“We’re able to forward calls to any country we find ourselves in, so we’re always connected.” Surviving Europe
“Lots of people have found this to be a massively helpful solution when it comes to phone numbers and travel.” The Budget Minded Traveler
“Do you wish you never would have given your number to that last eBay or Craigslist buyer? Did you give a number to someone at the bar only to regret it the next day? Do you want your phone number to remain anonymous? If you answer yes to these questions, then you may want to consider getting a temporary phone number from Tossable Digits.”
“I ported my Washington cell number to Tossable Digits, a service that forwards calls to my Brussels number and forwards text messages to my email address. It’s nice to keep an American number handy.” New York Times