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Transfer your Number to Tossable Digits -- FREE!

We allow you to transfer your existing US, Canadian and Toll Free phone number, whether it is wireless, VoIP or a landline, to our service. This process is called Porting. Porting your number to our service is currently FREE!

For US Wireless numbers in most major cities, we can port your number in as little as 4 hours!

For most other US phone numbers, the process usually takes 1 to 3 business days. For Canadian numbers it takes around 7 to 10 days, but can take up to 2 weeks.

You must keep your service active with your existing provider until the porting process is completed, or you may lose the number.

Get Started: Port your Number to Tossable Digits

The process is easy!

  1. Check here if your Number is Portable.
  2. If so, click the "Sign Up Now" link shown! If you want to choose a different plan than the Pay As You Go Plan, click "change" next to the selected plan.
  3. After you sign up, click the Port Your Number link or click Add Virtual Numbers and then Transfer Your Number to submit your formal number port request online.
  4. We will email you once your number is ported or if there are any issues!

Note: Your Number must be active and paid for with your current carrier in order to port. Do not cancel before the Number is ported or it will fail!

Porting Checklist

You need to have an account with us first! To submit your port request, we will need the following information:

Phone Number to Port
Carrier Name e.g. Verizon Wireless
Account Number
Billing Name and Address as written on your Bill
Authorized Contact Name
Authorized Contact Phone Number

If the phone number is a wireless number, we also will need:

Last 4 Digits of the Social Security or Tax ID number used to open the account
PIN or Password used when you call your carrier to authenticate that you are you

Sign up now to Transfer your Number Today!

Benefits of Virtual Numbers

There are many benefits of turning your existing mobile, VoIP or landline phone number into a Virtual Number.

  • Business: Keep your personal and your work calls separate. Easily transfer the number if you sell your business
  • Moving: Keep your previous number active during and after your move to stay in touch
  • International Travel: Receive calls on your local number while abroad
  • Price: Save a bundle by ditching your expensive provider
  • Control: Block unwanted callers, stop calls during certain hours, check Voicemail anywhere

Porting Away from Tossable Digits

If you ever decide that you want to move your number from our service to another provider, no problem! It's your number. You can take your number to any other service you want, any time, no questions asked. Either way, just let us know that you are doing so by contacting our Support Staff, so we can approve the Port request.