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Each Virtual Number includes its own Voicemail box. The Outgoing message can be the same as other Virtual Numbers or be completely different. This allows you to have multiple "identities" for each Virtual Number. You can use the same greeting for each Voicemail box, or record and use different greetings for each.

If you choose to forward voicemail to your local phone’s voicemail, you will be charged per forwarding minute but if the call goes to your Tossable Digits voicemail (which you can control) there is no charge.

Unlimited Voicemail Messages

We offer Unlimited Voicemail Messages, so your callers will never hear "Your mailbox is full." We NEVER delete Voicemails while your account is active unless you delete them. But you don't have to; we have virtually Unlimited Voicemail Message capacity, so you never have to delete Voicemails.

Custom Greetings

You can record an unlimited number of Custom Voice Greetings. Custom Voice Greetings are recorded via a phone call placed to you, or you can email an MP3 to Customer Support and we will add it to your account.

You can add Custom Voice Greetings on the following Number Configuration > Features tabs:
  1. Voicemail
  2. Do Not Disturb
  3. Call Recording
  4. Call Screening
  5. Call Announce
  6. IVR
To create a new Custom Greeting from the Features > Voicemail tab on the Number Configuration page:
  1. Click "Add New Message" under the "Outgoing message" section
  2. Enter a phone number where we can call you right now
  3. Click "Call Me Now"
  4. Answer the Call
  5. Record your Greeting when prompted
  6. Hang up
  7. Select the New Greeting and hit Save

Tossable Digits Voicemail not Answering

If you have our Voicemail enabled for one of your Virtual Number, you may find that calls go to your forwarding phone's voicemail. To make sure calls go to our Voicemail (where there is no charge), check the PromptMe™ checkbox in the Voicemail section of the Number Configuration page. This will play a short message to you when you answer, requesting that you press 1 to accept the call, or press 2 to send them to Voicemail.
If your forwarding phone's voicemail answers, the caller will still hear ringing for 10 more seconds as this message plays, and then we'll stop waiting for a response and take the message. Now you can safely ignore calls and know that callers will hear your custom Virtual Number Voicemail and not reach your forwarding phone's voicemail and incur a charge.

Checking Voicemail via Phone

You can check your Voicemail three different ways from any phone, anywhere.

1. Using the phone that your Virtual Number forwards to;
Dial your Virtual Number. The system will detect that you are, in effect, calling yourself, and put you into our Voicemail system. You must unblock and expose CallerID, or this method will not work.

2. From a different phone with Voicemail enabled
Dial your Virtual Number. When you hear your voicemail greeting, press # and you'll be asked for your Passcode. This method only works if you have Voicemail enabled. NOTE: For this method, you must have a Passcode set in your Profile.

3. From a different phone
Dial +1 316 416 7000 and enter your Virtual Number, including Country Code, and press pound (#). You'll be prompted for your Passcode, after which you can access your Voicemail. NOTE: For this method, you must have a Passcode set in your Profile.
Change Greeting viaPhone
You can change your greeting from your phone as well. Dial into your Voicemail, then when the system tells you how many Voicemails you have, press "3" and the system will ask you to record your Voicemail Greeting.

Checking Voicemail via the Web

Log into your account and click the Voicemail link.

Receiving your Voicemail via Email

Log into your account and click the Virtual Number. Under the Voicemail feature, check the box entitled "send a copy of each message by email to" and enter the email address. It can be the same as your account email address or a different email address for each Virtual Number. Voicemails are sent as an MP3 attachment. Here is a sample:

    Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2020 19:54:35
    Subject: New Voicemail on (500) 400 3000 from (300) 200 1000 Nickname
    1 Shown     9 lines  Text (charset: ISO-8859-1)
    2          84 KB     Audio
    You have a New Voicemail!

        (500) 400 3000   Virtual Number Nickname
        (300) 200 1000   CallerID

    The message is attached as an MP3 file.

    Thanks for using Tossable Digits!

        [ Part 2, Audio/MPEG (Name: "1585252475_soiuclkvjwoiepdf.mp3") 84 KB. ]

Note: If you want to remove any mention of Tossable Digits from the email we send, you can select the "Make Email Generic" option that appears when you enable the Voicemail-to-Email feature.