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Keep your Number with Tossable Digits

You can Port, or Transfer, your phone number to Tossable Digits and keep receiving calls, voicemails and SMS messages without needing a physical phone or being physically in the US or Canada or the country your number belongs to.

Porting your Number

Number Porting simply means transferring your phone number from one carrier to another. From Verizon to Tossable Digits, for example. It allows carriers and services to compete for your business, and provide new and interesting services around your phone numbers.

Parking your Number

Number Parking is just a fancy term to mean your number isn't doing anything, but it is still yours.

Tossable Digits is better than Number Parking!

Even if you don't forward calls to another phone, you keep getting voicemail and SMS messages and you can see who called you and decide if you want to call the back, even if they don't leave a voicemail. Your number keeps working! Most Number Parking services make you pay for SMS or Voicemail -- not us!

Reasons to Move your Number to Tossable Digits

There are many times we've heard about where people want to keep a phone number:

"I have a summer vacation home and we've had this number for 50 years, but we only use it 3 months a year, and can't afford to keep it active the other 9 months. Plus we miss calls from our friends who live there year round!"
"I'm going abroad for 6 months and won't have a place to live here or cell service while I'm gone, but I want to keep this number. Can I keep my old cell phone number?"
"We're moving in 2 weeks and I don't have a new number where I'm going yet, and I'm expecting important calls on our existing number well after we move. Help! Can I keep my home number safe with you?"
"My business has a phone number we have printed on our trucks, but we're moving out of the Verizon service area for our number. We need to keep our phone number working."

We've helped them all transfer their number to our service, so they could keep their important phone numbers active, while helping them save money at the same time.

If you have an existing phone number that you want to keep forever, consider making it a Virtual Number. With all of our Features, you can keep getting those calls and ditch that expensive phone service.

This paragraph is all about helping people find our service. Hey, no reason to be shy about it, eh? So you want to keep mobile phone number or keep cell phone number? Keep phone numbers with our service! We do landline porting, lnp porting, porting numbers and once we did some porting cell numbers. Keeping phone number? We are porting numbers and porting phone all the time.

How do I keep my phone number? We even do mobile porting, cell porting, landline porting number porting, and we'll show you how to port phone numbers. We port phone number. We let you keep phone number and keep old phone number too.

How do I keep my cell phone number? We keep your home phone number safe. How to keep my phone number, or keep existing phone number? Use Tossable Digits. Fun paragraph to write for a great service.