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Keep your Mobile Phone Number with Tossable Digits -- Port for FREE!

There are lots of reasons why people want to keep their Cell Phone Number but not keep it with a Mobile Carrier:

"I've had this cell phone number for 4 years, and I'm moving to the other coast and want to get a local number there, but not miss any calls on my old cell phone number."

With Tossable Digits you can have both! Port your old cell phone number to our service, get a new local number where you are moving from your Mobile Carrier, then forward your old mobile phone number to your new local cell number. Now both numbers ring on your cell phone, and if you so desire, you can set up your now Virtualized old cell phone number to display as CallerID so you can know if they dialed you directly or through the old number.

"I'm sick of getting calls in the middle of the night from this guy, but I can't just disconnect the number."

Port your mobile phone number to Tossable Digits, then get a new number for your cell. We can block calls with invalid or blocked CallerID as well as calls from specific CallerIDs on your old number. Plus we can only allow calls through during your waking hours, whether it be 9am-6pm or noon to midnight. All other times calls go straight to Voicemail.

"I'm paying $50/month for my home service, and I barely use it. I want to keep my home number and have it ring on my cell phone, without losing my cell phone number. And without costing me an arm, a leg and a torso."

By porting your number to our service, you save a lot of money, gain more control over your home number with our Free Features, and you keep your cell phone number too. It's almost like adding a 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) line to your cell phone, without the high cost charged by traditional phone companies.

We've helped them all by transfering their cell phone number or home phone number to our service, so they could keep their important phone numbers active, with the added benefit of simultaneously saving them money.

If you have an existing phone number that you want to keep forever or temporarily, consider making it a Virtual Number. With all of our Features, you can keep getting those calls and ditch that expensive phone service.

Do you have two cell phones and two cell phone numbers, and are sick of carrying two phones? Port one of the numbers to our service and keep getting important phone calls while carrying only one mobile phone! Calls to the ported number ring to your other cell phone through the magic of call forwarding. You can change the number calls forward to at any time, and even limit the times calls can ring through. Great for having a work phone number ring on your personal cell phone.

Now you can have multiple numbers ring to the same phone. You can add virtually unlimited amounts of Virtual Phone Numbers that use call forwarding to ring on your existing cell phone. We identify which number was dialed by displaying the Virtual Phone Number as CallerID for the call. We still store the callers' CallerID for you to check on our site, but this way you know that they are calling your work Virtual Number, for example, and you can answer that call accordingly. Knowing what number they called is sometimes more important than seeing what number the caller is calling from, and can give you some context even before you answer the call.