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SMS Short Codes

You can send and receive SMS Short Code messages with your Virtual Number! Short Code messaging is often used for security verifications, charitable donations, marketing purposes, TV program voting, and much more. Each Tossable Digits plan includes 6 credits per included Virtual Number that allow you to send or receive SMS Short Code messages at no extra cost. You can view the amount of credits for each plan on the Pricing page. If your available credits for sms short code messages are used up, you will be billed for each additional SMS Short Code message received. This charge will be added to your monthly bill automatically. You can review the amount of credits you have available at any time by clicking on the “Billing” tab of the main menu.

SMS Short Code messaging is available on most US- and Canada-based numbers. Limitations apply, see link for details. SMS is not available on numbers in other countries. It is against our Terms & Conditions to use our service for fraudulent or illegal purposes. Doing so will result in immediate account termination.

SMS Short Codes FAQ

What Is a Short Code?

A Short Code in the US and Canada is a 5 to 6 digit SMS number issued by the Common Short Code Administration (CSCA) and is used to send and receive SMS messages to mobile phones. These are usually used for verifications, contests, and marketing communication.

How Do I Stop Short Code Text Messages?

The easiest way to stop receiving unwanted Short Code text messages is to simply reply with the word "STOP" to the Short Code. This usually works 99% of the time, as it's required by the Cellular Telephone Industries Association (CTIA). If the Short Code is properly working, you should receive a text message response from the Short Code, giving you a confirmation that you've been unsubscribed from receiving future Short Code text messages.

If that doesn't stop unwanted text messages from the Short Code, try the following steps.

  1. Check to make sure that the "STOP" text messages you send from your mobile phone don't include any type of signature at the end of the text message. You can quickly verify this by sending a text message to a family or friend from your mobile phone, to confirm that there's no signature added to the end of your messages. If you do have a signature added to your text messages, we recommend disabling it, then attempting again to unsubscribe by text "STOP" to the Short Code. Why does having a signature in your text messages mean that you may not be able to stop Short Code messages? You have to realize that when interacting with a Short Code, you're communicating to a computer on the other end, not an actual human. If a computer receives "STOP - Sent by iPhone" from your mobile phone number, the computer may not be smart enough to understand your intent.
  2. If that doesn't work, try texting "UNSUBSCRIBE" or "END" to the Short Code you're receiving unwanted text messages from. Along with the word "STOP", these words are also required by the CTIA to unsubscribe from receiving Short Code text messages.

If you've followed the instructions above, and you are still receiving unwanted text messages from the Short Code, that means the Short Code is not functioning properly. Unfortunately this makes it a little harder to stop text messages, but not impossible. If this is happening to you please read How to Report Short Code Issues.

How do I Report Short Code Issues?

If texting "STOP" to a Short Code doesn't work, or there's another issue with a Short Code, it's essential that you report the issue, so that it can be resolved by either the wireless carriers or the SMS provider. We recommend reporting Short Code issues to the following two organizations.

  1. Contact the Common Short Code Administration (CSCA) directly through the Cellular Telephone Industries Association (CTIA).
  2. Report the unsolicited text message to Spam Response, powered by WMC Global. Take care to ensure the sender phone number, i.e. the Short Code number you’re interacting with, and spam message text are captured accurately. WMC Global, Spam Response’s parent company, is tasked by the CSCA & CTIA to monitor and enforce Short Code best practices.

To assist these organizations, when you contact them, please provide the following information:

  • The mobile phone number you're using to interact with the Short Code.
  • The Short Code number you're interacting with.
  • The Short Code issue you're experiencing, and the steps you've taken to try and resolve the issue.
  • Any examples of text messages you've received from that Short Code.