Support ⋟ International Number Registration


Some of the countries in which we offer Virtual Numbers have registration requirements for the use of Virtual Numbers. If a country is NOT listed on this page, you may purchase and use those Virtual Numbers without restriction. Virtual Numbers that do require registration will not work until registration is completed.

Registration Information

For the countries listed here that do require Registration before the use of their local Virtual Numbers can begin, we will require the following information.

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Company Name
  3. Your Contact Phone Number(s)
  4. Your Current Address
  5. A Photo or Copy of your valid Passport or Government Issued ID, high resolution
For some countries, we will also need a PDF or Scanned Copy of a Utility Bill sent to Your Current Address in the last 6 months.

Countries with Required Registration

The following countries require registration, but Your Current Address on file may be anywhere in the world. For indicated (*) countries a copy of a utility bill from your Current Address is required. For indicated (**) countries this applies to National and Toll-Free (non-local) Virtual Numbers only.

  1. Australia (AU)
  2. China (CN) * -- 2 bills as proof of address required
  3. Costa Rica (CR)
  4. Croatia (HR)
  5. Cyprus (CY)
  6. Hong Kong (HK)
  7. Japan (JP)
  8. Kazakhstan (KZ)
  9. Luxembourg (LU)
  10. Peru (PE)
  11. Russian Federation (RU)
  12. Singapore (SG)
  13. Taiwan (TW)
  14. Thailand (TH)
  15. Ukraine (UA)

Countries with Required Registration and Address in Country

The following countries require that Your Current Address on file is within the country of the Virtual Number. If they do not match, you will not be able to purchase a Virtual Number in that country. Indicated (**) countries further require that Your Current Address is in the same city or area as the Virtual Number.

  1. Bahrain (BH)
  2. Belgium (BE) **
  3. Bulgaria (BG) **
  4. France (FR) **
  5. Georgia (GE) **
  6. Germany (DE) * **
  7. Greece (GR)
  8. Hungary (HU)
  9. Ireland (IE)
  10. Italy (IT)
  11. Latvia (LV)
  12. Malaysia (MY)
  13. Malta (MT)
  14. Netherlands (NL)
  15. South Africa (ZA) * **
  16. Spain (ES)
  17. Switzerland (CH)
  18. Venezuela (VE) **