Support ⋟ Forward SMS Messages to a Mobile Phone

You can configure your account to forward SMS to emails, a US or Canadian number or both.  Our SMS delivery is usually instant, however, in some cases, it may be delayed by a few seconds or longer based on the email provider or external circumstances.
SMS Forwarding is only supported to US or Canadian mobile phones.
To forward SMS Messages to a mobile phone:
  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on the Virtual Number you want to have SMS Forwarded from (Number Configuration page)
  3. Scroll down to "Features"
  4. Click the "SMS/Text" Tab
  5. Ensure the feature is set to "On" and you see a green underline under the words "SMS Text Messaging"
  6. Check the "Forward text messages via SMS to:" box
  7. Enter a US or Canadian mobile phone number
  8. Hit "Save"
How To Enable SMS Forwarding