Giving Back to Teachers with a Virtual Phone Number

Teachers are the foundation of our educational system. They start with the basics: Science, Math, History, Language. But their lessons go far beyond that.

They influence how our children work together and resolve conflicts. They guide their growth and create opportunities for personal discovery. They can be some of the most influential people, helping us decide what part we want to play in this world.

All of their influence comes back to a common theme: communication.

Whether directly to students, with parents or even between teachers and staff, communication is a vital and necessary part of the education process. It ensures the active and effective involvement of multiple parties in shaping our children and their future.

Discounted Tossable Digits Plans for Teachers

Because we understand and appreciate the value of our teachers, as a company, we are offering…

50% off any Tossable Digits monthly plan for those in the education system.

(Please note: This doesn’t apply to overages.)

We want to reduce the hesitance that teachers have in giving out their phone number to students, parents and other staff so that trackable and safe communication can happen.

When a teacher signs up for Tossable Digits, they choose a dedicated new phone number that is forwarded and rings to their existing phone.

They can then provide parents and students with their virtual phone number instead of their real phone number.

Privacy is maintained while communication is still in place between teachers and their students and parents.

Along with that new phone number, a long list of features are included that specifically help teachers manage their communication effortlessly.

Features our Teachers can Benefit from

Call Rules

Sometimes a specific parent might become, well, a bit more involved in their student’s affairs via their teacher than may be appropriate. Or they call at inconvenient times when you’re trying to unwind.

Using Call Rules, you can send those parents directly to Voicemail, rather than having the call ring directly on your phone. That way you are able to address the concerns without being regularly interrupted.

Do Not Disturb

You’ve got work to do! Enable Do Not Disturb and limit teaching-related calls to a certain time of day – for example, between 3pm and 8pm daily. Outside of those hours, calls will go directly to Voicemail.

And people who have your direct number will still get through. Only calls to your virtual number will be limited.

Call Recording

When students or parents call a teacher, sometimes things can be said that may be informative – positive or negative.

Using Tossable Digits’ free Call Recording feature, every call using our service, in or out, will be recorded. Teachers can use those recordings to share with the administration, with other teachers, or as a personal record to review important information later.


Teachers usually don’t get a mobile device provided and paid for by the school. Often they use their personal phones and are hesitant to give that number out to parents and students since that can be their only form of privacy.

By using a Tossable Digits virtual number, you can set up a custom, separate Voicemail greeting that is dedicated solely to your teaching job, avoiding awkward calls to your personal voicemail…

SMS Text Messaging

So many students AND parents are using SMS to communicate efficiently these days. Tossable Digits numbers are able to send and receive SMS messages, so your number remains private, even while texting. It is all done through the virtual number.

Your regular messaging app will still work, so it will not affect your personal life. It just creates a new means of texting – through your virtual number – that is accessible on your existing phone and also on our website.

RoboCall Blocking

Nobody needs more phone calls. Turn on RoboCall Blocking to avoid 80% or more of those annoying spam calls that interrupt your day.


What good is a second phone number if when you call a parent, your personal number shows up on CallerID vs. your virtual number?

With Outdial you can make outgoing calls to ensure your Tossable Digits number shows as CallerID when you call a parent or student. Keeping your personal number private and separate from work at all times.


You may choose to have our system ask the Caller to record their name, which is played to you before you decide to take the call.

That way, you know exactly who is calling before you answer, giving you time to prepare and be ready for the conversation to come. Or to simply send to Voicemail and call back later.

For a full list of our included features, click HERE.

How to Sign Up as a Teacher

1) Sign up with an ‘.edu’ email address (or any address)

2) Email us at OR Live Chat with our Support team with proof that you are a teacher

And we will put you on this Teacher Plan with our deepest appreciation and a warm Thank You for educating our kids.

With a new Virtual Number and all of our included features added together, you will have access to great protection and simple and safe communication between you and your students, parents, and staff.

We look forward to serving teachers in their primary mission to educate our children!

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