Introducing Robocall Block

I am DONE with Robocalls!

I use our service a lot, not just because I want to make sure everything is working well, but also because it is so beneficial to how I work. For example, I give out my Personal Tossable Digits Virtual Number to pretty much anyone. Just today I gave my Virtual Number to a Natural Gas contractor who needs to do some repairs. But I don’t trust the contractor — their income might get tight and then sell my number to a marketing company. And then I find myself swamped with annoying Robocalls about winning a trip or that my credit card is in jeopardy.

“Our fatigue is often caused not by work, but by worry, frustration and resentment.”

– Dale Carnegie

I’m thrilled to announce that Tossable Digits is offering a FREE Trial of our Robocall Blocking feature.

Update: The Free Trial has ended. Robocall Blocking is now USD$0.01 per call.

If you are as sick and tired and frustrated with Robocalls as I was, you will go bonkers for our new Robocall Blocking feature.

Robocall Blocking is FREE through July 31, 2015.

We are successfully blocking 82% of Robocalls, and striving every day to get those rates up. And only 1 out of every 555 calls is blocked incorrectly, and you can whitelist that call with our Call Rules.

But Peter, aren’t you going to lose business from fewer forwarded calls?

Maybe. Probably. But your sanity and my sanity are worth the risk. 82% fewer interruptions on the phone for you and your customers means more time doing important things for our business and personal lives. And I hope that as a result you’ll talk to your friends and colleagues about our service, and we’ll see more customers using more Virtual Numbers and the lost revenue from forwarded calls will be made up in awesome customers having an awesome experience from Tossable Digits.

How much will it cost?

Less than a cup of coffee… laugh USD$0.01 per call. And if you see a particular number in your call logs, you can add a Call Rule for them and we won’t check if they are a Robocall, saving you the cost. Or you can just let it go and we’ll handle it. Either way, it will be less than the cost of the interruption and forwarded call.

How do we try Robocall Blocking out?

You need to opt-in! Hit us up in Live Chat on the site or email us. We’ll get it activated on your account in 24 hours, along with instructions how to “unblock” calls that get Roboblocked (I made that term up!).

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and experiences with Robocall Blocking. I hope to bring it to all accounts soon!


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