Tracking ROI of Advertising using Virtual Phone Numbers

In order to make your business or personal brand successful, you need to constantly try new ways of advertising. Change the text in your Yellow Page ads, include images in your newspaper ads, change the copy in your radio and TV advertisements. Each tweak brings you closer to the perfect combination of advertisements that drives your sales through the roof!

Tracking Value

The problem with offline advertising is how to track the ROI of those ads. With advertising where the customer action is a phone call, how do you know which ad they saw? Customers are notoriously bad at remembering how they got your phone number, and the employees taking the calls sometimes forget to ask. Having real, hard data that shows where your calls are coming from and how your offline advertising is performing is difficult.

The Solution

Virtual Phone Numbers! Instead of placing your direct phone number in all of your advertising, replace it with Virtual Phone Numbers from Tossable Digits. For each new advertisement, you place you put a different Virtual Phone Number into each ad. Each call to the Virtual Phone Number forwards the call directly to your main phone number — it’s just like the customer called you directly, but now you have hard data that shows you the source of that call.

The benefits don’t end there.

Free Features

You can record each and every call that comes into your Virtual Phone Numbers. It’s fantastic when you might have missed what a customer said, or want to review how your call takers are doing on real live customer calls. And Call Recording is FREE, included with each Virtual Phone Number.

You can place related Virtual Phone Numbers into groups, making it easy to see how your ads are performing at just a glance.

Virtual Phone Number Groups make measuring call volume of ads simple

If you are looking for an inexpensive and powerful way to track your offline spending dollars, measure your ROI for online ads with a phone component, and manage the quality of the calls you take, look no further — try Tossable Digits today.

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