How to Port Your Wireless Number and Keep Your Mobile Service

A few weeks ago a customer came to us with a bit of a challenge…

They wanted to move or ‘port’ (as it is called in the industry) two numbers from Verizon Wireless to Tossable Digits, but they didn’t want to lose their mobile service.

Normally when you port a number from a US wireless carrier, like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon, when the number moves to the new carrier, they disconnect your service automatically. Though you should always call to confirm!

But in this case the customer didn’t want to stop service. They wanted to move their numbers to Tossable Digits to take advantage of two of our included features: Robocall Blocking and Call Rules.

The customer was seeing a significant increase in the number of unwanted phone calls, but wasn’t ready to give up the phone number that so many friends, family and work colleagues had stored.

We’d never had a request like this from other customers, but that didn’t stop us from finding a way to give the customer exactly what they wanted.

So we did some digging. And it turns out, it can be done, but there are a few Verizon fees to pay and simple things to know:

Your Verizon Wireless account has “Lines.” These lines are normally associated with physical devices, but can be as simple as a SIM card with an associated phone number.

Your plan determines how much you pay for each line and what features are available to each line. So, in order to get another phone number from Verizon, you have to buy another line or SIM card.

Our customer ended up at a Verizon Wireless store and purchased two SIM cards, each with a phone number associated. Once the numbers ported, they’d simply swap out the SIM cards of their existing phones.

The customer now had 4 lines instead of just 2. The store charged the customer $20 per line as a setup fee. But since there was no additional services on those two new lines. That was it.

Now the customer just had to submit the port requests to us, which we had already put into our system, and say “go!”

We ported both numbers 18 hours after the request was made. Not all carriers go this fast, but we are directly connected with Verizon, so our ports are very fast with them.

The customer kept their original SIM with the number they were porting in their phones until we ported the number, and switched out the SIM cards just after the numbers ported, avoiding any missed calls or SMS Text messages.

After the porting was complete, the customer simply called Verizon Wireless and canceled the two old lines.

And voila!

The customer’s phone numbers were now on Tossable Digits, benefiting from our Robocall Blocking and Call Rules, blocking calls from annoying telemarketers and survey companies.

Are you interested in using Tossable Digits’ features, but still want to keep your mobile service? Let us help you — sign up today!

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