A Virtual Number is a MUST for your Business. Here’s Why

As an entrepreneur I’ve struggled with balancing the technology and business side with marketing and sales. The former is in my blood; the latter is more of a learned skill. And some more learning is still needed.

Without marketing and sales, however, the business and technology don’t matter. And when you are on a tight budget, you need to use the least expensive and highest value services you can to help you achieve your business goals.

Luckily for us, marketing has become easier. Websites, social media, video, podcasts, blogging, email campaigns. There’s offline opportunities too: digital billboards, newspaper and magazine print ads, radio, television and direct mail.

So many channels! So how do you track them all when the action isn’t a click?

How did you get our number?

So many potential customers get frustrated with clicks and workflows that sometimes they simply throw in the towel and pick up the phone.

And at that moment, you lose all visibility into how that potential customer got your number. Sure, you can ask them, but have you EVER gotten a reliable answer? Newspaper? Which one? Which magazine? What page?

Track Every Call from Every Ad

But what if you had 10 different phone numbers, each number associated with a different advertising purchase? One number on your blog, another in the local newspaper classifieds, still a different phone number in a magazine ad. Now based solely on their phone call, you’ll know exactly where they found your business.

These virtual phone numbers can be local to your business, local to the market you are advertising in, or Toll Free numbers for larger campaigns.

Calls Ring to the Same Place

The amazing part — there’s no system to buy. No hardware to upgrade. We forward all the calls to your existing number. And if your phone rings busy, because your advertising campaign is so awesome, instead of getting a frustrated customer, we’ll take a message and deliver it to you. Tossable Digits can handle hundreds of simultaneous calls with ease, even if you only have 5 lines in your office.

Now you have solid, actionable data on your hands — what ads drove the most number of calls. And you can use our Call Notes feature to note when a call converts to a paying customer to further track the effectiveness of your ads and media.

Improving the Art of the Close

Maybe you are wondering why you are getting so many phone leads but no conversions. With Call Recording you can listen to exactly what happened on the call and learn whether the sales team dropped the ball or if you are just getting the wrong people calling. The ability to review the audio of the call immediately after the call is a huge and valuable tool for sales coaching, and also for the person who took the call in case they missed a name or phone number.

Add SMS Text Messaging to your Business

Customers love the speed of SMS text messaging. It may be time for your business to start accepting SMS messages from your customers to give them a better experience. Tossable Digits makes it easy by offering Unlimited SMS Text Messaging with all US and Canada numbers. You can send and receive SMS messages online on our web portal, we can forward the SMS messages to any number of email addresses, and we can forward the SMS messages to a wireless handset where you can reply immediately — and the reply shows your Virtual Number, not your personal mobile number.

Do you have questions about how Virtual Numbers can help solve some of your toughest challenges? Live Chat with us or email support@tossabledigits.com to get some customized FREE advice!

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