Park your US or Canadian Phone Number with Tossable Digits

Tossable Digits is great for managing multiple phone numbers for all the different aspects and people in your life. We can also help you park your number easily and inexpensively.

Number Parking means porting your phone number to a service that doesn’t require a physical presence to receive calls. For example, when you want to keep control of a phone number but don’t really need to receive calls or SMS messages for a while.

Unlike other Number Parking services, with Tossable Digits Number Parking, you get to choose whether you want to receive calls, voicemails and SMS messages or not.
Here are some situations where someone might want to park a phone number:

  • Vacation Home Phone Number: Second (or third) homes often have a phone number, but those homes are only used during certain times of the year. It doesn’t make sense to pay the phone company year ’round for phone service that is used a few months a year.
  • International Travel: You don’t want to pay the cell phone company $50 per month while you travel abroad for 6 months, but you don’t want to lose your phone number either.
  • Moving: Move across the country and keep your local phone number. We can even get you a new number you can choose and use before you find a place to live in your new town.
  • Privacy: Someone is bothering you making harassing calls and you’d like the calls to stop but don’t want to get rid of the phone number.

If any of these describe your situation and you’re ready to park your number, we’re here to help.

Many Number Parking services offer a low fee, but they charge a steep fee to port the number, and then they don’t even take Voicemails or handle SMS messages for you, playing callers a message that advertises their business. They also strongly incentivize you to pay annually.

Here at Tossable Digits, we want to make the process easy and the monthly costs low. So here’s our secret:

  • FREE Unlimited Voicemails
  • FREE Unlimited SMS Messages and Reply Free too
  • FREE Custom Announcement Message (no Voicemail taken option)
  • FREE to Port Numbers In AND Out
  • NO Setup or Porting Fees
  • NO Commitment, Cancel Anytime
  • USD$3.49 per month

(Optionally you can Forward calls to your cell or home phone (additional fees would apply))

There’s no commitment — you can cancel anytime, and you can port the number from Tossable Digits to any other service at any time. We don’t charge you a USD$3 fee like other services to port your number out.

Getting started is easy! Just email us — — and we’ll get your port started.

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