2014 Tossable Digits Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

We have the data! We are very appreciative of all of you who responded to our Customer Satisfaction Survey, and of course, we still appreciate all of you who didn’t too! We are still building our 2015 development plans and we will be taking all of your feedback into account. But first…

The Winner of the iPad Mini…

We are thrilled to announce that Bruce Hannah of New York City is our drawing winner! We called him to let him know and he said: “This is the first thing I’ve ever won!”

Bruce has been a customer of ours since 2009 and loves the anonymity and ease of use Tossable Digits provides. Congratulations Bruce!

The Survey Results

We are THRILLED with the results of the survey. It’s so great to know how many of you appreciate the efforts we put in to give you convenience, features and great customer service, not to mention the engineering staff who makes it extremely reliable.

And when it came to the areas where we can improve our service, 40% said nothing! Wow, we were floored and so appreciative. There was still a clear trend of what we can improve in 2015 though, and we’re really thinking hard about how we can deliver on your feedback and more.

Some of the endorsements were really great we wanted to share a few:

“[The service makes me] accessible. 50% of my business exists because of Tossable Digits.”

“This has really improved my business by giving my clients a peace of mind that they are dealing with a professional company.”

“I love how Tossable Digits helps me to know what advertising dollars are working the hardest for me by putting different numbers in different ads. I’ve saved thousands of dollars in useless advertising!”

WOW! Epic! We are all thrilled to be a part of helping you improve your businesses through the power of our service.

Here’s to a fantastic and fruitful 2015! Happy New Year!

The Tossable Digits Staff

PS — If you have any pressing issues, questions or want to learn more, please email us at support@tossabledigits.com or Chat LIVE on our site weekdays 9am-1am Eastern and weekends 10am-2am Eastern.

Aug 7 2015 Update: As a direct result of the feedback from this survey we completed a revamp and branding of our website to make it more modern and fresh. Plus it is now responsive, so it looks great on mobile, tablet and desktops! We have also automated continuous testing of the SMS Text Messaging feature on both new and existing Virtual Numbers to ensure we know about any problem and fix it before it ever affects you. If any SMS message takes more than 10 seconds to deliver, we get paged. We’re thankful it doesn’t happen often!

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