Keep your Phone Number when you Move

If you move to a new US State or Canadian Province, sometimes the phone company won’t let you take your local phone number with you to that new place. Usually this happens with landlines, but it can also happen with mobile cell phones.

AAAARRRGGGHHH by Emergency Brake/Evil Erin on Flickr Licensed CC BY 2.0

AAAARRRGGGHHH by Emergency Brake/Evil Erin on Flickr Licensed CC BY 2.0

“But I’ve had this number for years!” you say, desperately trying to get the agent on the other end of the phone to give you a break.

They can’t. The way phones work in the US and Canada are controlled by the North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA). You can’t have a local number from Amarillo, Texas connect to a switch in Bozeman, Montana. It would break the system.

But Tossable Digits can make it work. You just have to go Virtual.

When you port (industry speak for transfer) your valued and unique phone number to Tossable Digits, we get together with a carrier, or CLEC, in the area your phone number is located. They set things up so that when someone calls your Albuquerque, New Mexico number, they send the call to our switches.

And that’s where our magic happens.

We get the call, and then we call you. When you answer, we connect the two calls together. And we don’t care where you are — we will forward the call to Burlington, Vermont or Beer City USA (Grand Rapids, Michigan) or to Cape Town, South Africa if you want! The caller only ever knows they called your local phone number, and you get to keep your phone number forever.

Phone Cord Heart

And what if you move back to that beautiful place where your infatuation with local phone number began? You can port the number from our service back to any carrier that will take it. No fuss, no questions, no problem.

It’s your number. Keep it, wherever you go, forever, with Tossable Digits.

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