Stop Carrying Two Cell Phones in 7 Days

You work hard for your company, and they reward you with a company-paid cell phone. That’s great, but you already have a phone number everybody has in their contacts, and now you are stuck carrying two phones. That stinks.

Here’s how to get back to carrying a single phone, either yours or the company’s, and still get calls and SMS messages from the other number.


While not having to weigh yourself down with two phones is awesome, it would also be great to save some money in the process. In one 2012 survey nearly half of Americans said their monthly mobile bill is $100 or more.

By using Tossable Digits to ditch your second cell phone, you can save up to 80% or more off what you pay now! For example, our Advanced Plan gives you 400 Forwarding Minutes and unlimited SMS. At only $19 per month, you will save $81 per month with Tossable Digits! Don’t need so many minutes? Our other plans will save you even more.


Using a Virtual Number enables you to be in control of who can call or send you SMS messages. Block telemarketers. Send annoying co-workers straight to Voicemail. Forward an friend’s call to The Psychic Hotline without missing any other calls.

Virtual Numbers put you in control of how people get in touch with you.

All Tossable Digits Virtual Numbers come with:

  • Unlimited Voicemail
  • Unlimited Call Recording
  • Unlimited SMS Messaging in the US and Canada
  • Call Blocking
  • Advanced CallerID Call Routing
  • Time of Day Call Handling

All SMS messages in the US and Canada are FREE and Unlimited, and you can keep your personal mobile phone number for as little as $3.49/month. Need more forwarding minutes? We’ve got plans for that too.

Hopefully by now we’ve convinced you that Tossable Digits can help you get rid of that second cell phone AND save you money every month. So let’s take a look at your options.

Option 1: Keep Your Company Phone

You like the idea of the company paying your phone bill, but don’t want to lose your personal mobile phone number, and you don’t want to pay for phone service you don’t really want or need.

  1. Port your Personal Mobile Phone Number to Tossable Digits.
    This takes 3-7 days while we move your number from your wireless carrier to our service. Porting is FREE.
  2. Forward Calls and SMS messages to your Company-provided mobile phone number.
    You can reply to SMS messages right from your Company-provided phone without any Apps. You can return calls from your Company phone through Tossable Digits to display your personal number as CallerID.
  3. Cancel your expensive wireless service.
    Once your phone number is ported, start the money saving.
  4. That’s it! You’re done!

Option 2: Keep your Personal Phone

Nobody likes getting work calls after 5pm. And sometimes you want to send certain people straight to Voicemail. But instead of taking that nasty boring feature phone the Company is offering, you want to keep your personal phone but also keep your Company-related calls separate.

  1. Purchase a Virtual Phone Number from Tossable Digits. Browse our collection of over half a million immediately available numbers across the US, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain and 60 other countries.
  2. Forward calls to your Personal Phone Number.
    You can reply to SMS messages right from your personal phone without any Apps. You can return calls from your personal phone through Tossable Digits to display your company virtual number as CallerID.
  3. Hand out your new Virtual Phone Number to your co-workers. When they call, calls will be forwarded to your personal phone with your Virtual Number as CallerID so you’ll know it’s a work call.
  4. That’s it! You’re done!

Have some fun

Once a friend of mine would call me late at night, and I finally decided to get him back. I set up a Call Rule to forward calls from my friend to 772-257-4498, The Idiot Hotline. When I saw him the next day, he was really worried.

“I called you last night like three times and all I got was some weird idiot hotline thing. I think somebody stole your phone number.”

I played it up and acted surprised, had a few other people try calling me and it rang to my phone, then had my friend try again. I finally couldn’t hold it in any longer and a bunch of us had a good laugh.

Get Started

Convinced? Awesome!

Option 1: Port your Number


Option 2: Get a new Virtual Number

Not yet convinced? Chat with us or email our team with your questions. We would love to interact with you!

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