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Please choose the city and your forwarding number.
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Not Available

Registration Required

Phone Numbers from this country require registration before they will work. This is a manual process and can take 24 to 72 hours to activate. Please verify you can provide the information and meet these registration requirements before purchasing:

  • Name, business name, and contact phone number.
  • Passport or ID photo. In case registration process is performed under a company name, the company registration certificate shall be provided instead of passport or ID photo.
  • Local address in the same country and area as DID ordered.
  • Proof of address - a photo or PDF of a utility bill no older than 6 months.
  • Passport or ID photo: South African national identity document; South African biometric national identity card; passport (issued by any country).
  • If number registration is performed under a company name, company registration certificate along with a Passport or ID photo must be provided.
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310 Area code or city code the number is in. Multiple codes means ordered number will be in one of the listed area codes; we cannot control area code selection for orders.
Los Angeles The City the number is in.
(Lsan da 02) The NANPA Rate Center. Optionally displayed when different than the city name.
$7.99 Premium Number, not included with any Subscription Plans.
* Not in stock, can be ordered. Usually filled in 3-7 days; rural areas 10-30 days.