Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day! So here’s 14 Valentine’s Day Ideas we stole from the Internet for your amusement!

Ok, we made up a few of them out of thin air. since we are that romantic and thoughtful…

14 Valentine’s Day Ideas for you and your Significant Other

  1. Give your Significant Other (SO) a massage.
    Just 5 minutes will make their day!
  2. Bake cookies.
    Your SO doesn’t need to know you popped it out of a tube. Bonus: Decorate them with frosting like you are 6 years old.
  3. Make a card.
    Find a funny image on the Internet, print it out upside-down so it fills 1/4 of the paper, fold in 4ths, and color with crayons. Use the office printer!
  4. Make cocktails (if you are over 21).
    Cranberry Juice and Lemonade should come out pinkish reddish. At least we think so. Add vodka, light rum or tequila and celebrate!
  5. Go through your photos and find a great picture to give your SO.
    Print it out at your local pharmacy and paste it on some heavyweight card stock. Done!
  6. Buy them a customized Virtual Phone Number.
    Yeah, shameless self-promotion. For Jenni, Darla or Kathy. Sorry, Hermione, none for you.
  7. Do that one thing your SO has been hoping and asking and begging you to do for ages.
    Just this once, for one day. The next day, back to your slacking ways.
  8. Make a mix tape.
    Well, maybe a CD. Or a playlist (oooh, so modern). Pick some songs that make you think of your SO and tell them why for each song. Bust out the boombox and some wine coolers!
  9. A box of chocolates.
    Ugh, how cliche. But as Forest Gump said, “You never know what you’re gonna get.” Hope it isn’t slapped.
  10. Take your SO ice skating!
    It’s romantic, and if you’re lucky, you won’t fall and hurt yourself!
  11. Do a Selfie Love Video.
    With your smartphone at arm’s length, tell your SO how you feel about them and why you still love them to this day. Please wear clothes.
  12. Karaoke Bar.
    Sing something you definitely can’t sing but has romantic overtones (or is just full-on about love, not hard to find). Your SO will laugh and never forget.
  13. Go for a hike.
    Unless you are in a Polar Vortex. Then walk the mall together, power-walker style.
  14. Put down your phone, tablet, computer.
    Turn off the TV, sit somewhere comfortable with a beverage in hand and re-learn who that special someone really is all about…


Cheesy? Definitely.

Valentine’s Day should be spent being an offline human again, one-on-one, with that special someone you are with right now.

Don’t have someone special? Treat yourself to something that makes you love yourself.

Know someone who doesn’t have someone? Let them know you know and you care. We’re all in this thing called life together.

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